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1435 Mara Court, Sanford, FL 32771

Community-Focused Nonprofit Organization Promoting Violence Prevention

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Social Services
Learn how to box or speak to someone who cares. Guns Down Hands Up offers a competitive boxing league and counseling services to meet the needs of young males in the local area.

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Become a member of our nonprofit organization or a volunteer. You’ll improve your boxing skills as well as become a saving grace in a young
boy’s life.

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Mission Statement
Our mission is educate the youth and create a better community.

Learn about Guns Down Hands Up

Guns Down Hands Up is a nonprofit organization in Sanford, Florida, that promotes violence prevention for male youths throughout Florida. Our purpose is to educate young males on the destructive nature of bad decisions and how they can avoid making them. With our boxing league and counseling services, we hope to guide young men and boys into the right direction so they can become confident, respectable, and upstanding citizens.

Guns Down Hands Up was established by the founder, whose younger brother was killed. He does not want others to meet the same fate as his brother. The founder is an active member in the military.

Contact us to donate your time or money to our worthy cause.